DVD and Blu-Ray Selling Guide

How To Sell DVDs and Blu-Rays With Multiple Discs

Sell DVDs and Blu-rays to EagleSaver.com today, even if there are multiple disc in a set.

Multiple disc Blu-ray and DVD sets are usually in a case that is different than the standard, single-disc Blu-ray or DVD case. Usually, the case is thicker and the multiple discs are held by one of several types of hinge mechanisms.

A multi-disc Blu-ray or DVD set must include: all of the discs, the case artwork and the case to be eligible for resell on EagleSaver.com.

Multi-disc sets often have a booklet which fits inside the case. Occasionally, they also have an outer slip cover or case.”

When selling Blu-ray or DVD sets on EagleSaver.com, please include all of the items that were outlined if they are applicable to your set.

However, EagleSaver.com CAN purchase PC and Mac video games if they are new and factory sealed in shrink wrap.