DVD and Blu-Ray Selling Guide

Sell DVDs and Blu-Ray Combo Sets With EagleSaver.com

Many Blu-rays and DVDs do not include digital copies of the movie. The movie is only put on one or more physical discs. Sometimes they are released in a Blu-ray / DVD combo set. The set includes a copy of the movie on a Bluray disc and copy of the movie on DVD disc.

However, more and more, videos are released with digital copies included. It is important to note that there are 2 types of digital copies. One type is when the digital copy is on a physical disc. The other type, which is now more common, is when the digital copy comes on a code card which a consumer redeems online.

For Blu-ray/DVD combo sets to be eligible for resell on EagleSaver.com, all of the physical discs in the set must be included, along with the artwork and case. If the set has a digital copy that is on a physical disc then this must also be included If the digital copy is a code only, then it does not have to be included.