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1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

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5. Monitoring

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8. Limitation of Liability

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10. Applicable Laws

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11. Book Type Requirements

We purchase a wide variety of books including nonfiction, current fiction and audio books on CDs (if no discs are missing and all of the discs are in very good condition).

We do not buy:

  • Textbooks or workbooks and solution manuals that are companion volumes for a textbook
    Note: the system may still allow the buyback of certain textbooks; however, we do not purchase any textbooks so please remove them from your quote
  • Ex-library books
  • Advance reading copies, promotional copies or uncorrected proofs
  • Magazines, calendars or comic books
  • Most encyclopedia sets
  • Audio books on cassettes
  • Pornography or any other explicit material

If any books shipped to EagleSaver.com do not meet the book type requirements, EagleSaver.com reserves the right to change the payout amount or reject the book and ship it back to the seller at seller's expense.

12. Book Condition Requirements

We do not purchase books with:

  • Writing, underlining or highlighting on over 20% of the book's pages
  • Missing CD or DVD that was supposed to accompany the book
  • Missing dust jacket
  • Water, moisture damage or mold
  • Major wear to the binding
  • Medium or large tears to the cover and pages
  • Missing pages
  • Strong odors (including cigarette and pet odors)

If any books shipped to EagleSaver.com do not meet the book condition requirements, EagleSaver.com reserves the right to change the payout amount or reject the book(s) and ship them back to the seller at the seller's expense.

13. CD, DVD and Video Game Type Requirements

We buy a wide variety of CDs, DVDs and Video Games. However, please note: We only buy DVDs that are Region 1 – North American.

We do not buy the following

  • Used PC or Mac Video Games
  • Ex-library copies
  • Promotional copies (copies stamped with "Promotional", "For Promotional Use Only" or "Not For Resale")
  • Ex-rental copies
  • Pornography or any other explicit material
  • Club edition of CDs or movies (i.e. BMG or Columbia House copies, etc.)

If any CDS, DVDs or Video Games shipped to EagleSaver.com do not meet the type requirements, EagleSaver.com reserves the right to change the payout amount or reject the item(s) and ship it back to the seller at seller's expense.

14. CD, DVD and Video Game Condition Requirements

We purchase CDs, DVDs and Video Games in New, Like New or excellent condition. The CDs, DVDs and Video Games must play perfectly and not skip.

Disc Condition Requirements

We do not purchase CDs, DVDs and Video Games that:

  • Have medium or heavy scratches
  • Skip in any section
  • Are missing booklets, artwork or manuals

We also do not purchase CDs, DVDs and Video Games through the automated quote process that are Ex-Rental or Ex-Library Copies.(please contact us by E-mail for prior approval if you have Ex-Rental or Ex-Library copies to see if EagleSaver.com can purchase them).

15. Minimum Order Requirements

The order value of items actually shipped must be $10.00 or greater and the minimum average value per an item shipped must be $.50 or greater.
If you decide not to ship some of the items on the order, please make sure your order still meets our minimum order requirements after any adjustments to the order are made.
We reserve the right to charge the customer shipping cost both ways to reclaim their items if orders you shipped using our free shipping label do not meet these minimum requirements.

16. Quote Guarantee and Free Return Shipping On Items We Could Not Purchase

We offer a quote guarantee in which items that did not meet our minimum condition standards are returned free of charge if requested by the customer.
This quote guarantee does not apply if we determine that a customer has not tried to abide by our minimum condition standards.
Offering free return shipping on items we could not accept is a customer courtesy that assumes the customer has done their best to abide by our policies.

17. Shipping Terms

EagleSaver.com provides a free shipping return label which includes a tracking number. Boxes shipped with our free FedEx label also include $100.00 of free package insurance. In the event a box using the free FedEx label is lost in transit, EagleSaver.com will file a claim on behalf of the customer to recover box content value up to $100.00 per a box. However, the USPS free shipping label does not include insurance. With USPS, insurance must be purchased when the box is dropped off at the USPS station. EagleSaver.com will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items shipped via USPS or for a value greater than $100.00 per a box shipped by FedEx.Each box must have a unique shipping label attached to it. Multiple boxes shipped with the same label (i.e. same tracking number) are not covered under FedEx’s or USPS’s insurance policy and the customer will be liable if these boxes are lost in transit. Therefore, please do not make copies of a shipping label. Every box shipped to EagleSaver.com must have a unique tracking number.

18. Price Quote Terms

Seller agrees to ship books to EagleSaver.com within 5 days after placing order in order for the price quote to remain valid. If the customer fails to ship the books within 5 days after placing the order as evidenced by a postmark or first tracking scan, EagleSaver.com reserves the right to change the payout amount or reject the book(s) and ship them back to the seller at the seller's expense. EagleSaver.com provides its customers with a convenient, instant quote system. EagleSaver.com attempts to pay all quotes in full. However, the instant quote system can, although infrequent, provide an incorrect quote for a particular item. In such cases, EagleSaver.com will ship the item back to the customer free of charge.

19. General

If you have any questions regarding theTerms of Use, please contact us at info@EagleSaver.com.