We are an environmentally-friendly company

Environmental friendliness defines everything we do!

At EagleSaver.com, we're turning a new page on recycling programs. In fact, we're saving the planet one story, song, and game at a time. Here's how: EagleSaver.com buys and sells gently used books, CDs, DVDs and video games. Why waste good entertainment or ideas, especially when it can harm the environment?

Instead of consigning great books and non-biodegradable media to landfills, we keep them in circulation. This not only sustains the life of valued items, it also helps sustains the life of our environment. Now that's a value worth supporting.

Discover (and adopt!) all of EagleSaver's earth-friendly practices:

  • Resourcefulness

    We're committed to reusing as many of our packing materials as possible. When packing materials are no longer reusable, we make a point of recycling them. Waste paper? No way!
  • Balance

    We maintain an earth-friendly office environment, too. That includes controlling the heating and cooling system to maintain an adequate degree of comfort without wasting energy. Lights are turned off when not in use.
  • Care

    We use only green cleaning products in our office.
  • Innovation

    We've transitioned to a paperless office system.
  • Teamwork

    Thanks to our office recycling program, recycling is the responsibility of each and every employee.
  • Generosity

    EagleSaver.com donates to the following organizations:
    Ocean Conservancy acts nationally to protect the future of our oceans. Learn more about their mission at www.oceanconservancy.org
    Wildlife Conservation Society is dedicated to the safety of animals and the preservation of their habitats. Find out more at www.wcs.org