Step-By-Step Guide To Sell Video Games Online

Do you love sitting in a comfortable chair, firing up the PS4 or Xbox and playing your favorite video games until further notice? Video games are a great way to entertain yourself and escape reality. If you love playing video games, you’re aware they can be pricey. If you love video games, why not recycle them? Sell games for new ones!

Here is your step-by-step guide to sell video games online:

First, determine what video games you plan to sell online to After you’ve determined which games to sell, input the information into our quote generator. For video games you will need the UPC code found above the barcode. Once you’ve entered the information, our instant quote generator will provide you with a quote for your goods.

Second, gather up your goods and find a shipping parcel appropriate to ship the items. We will send you a free printable shipping label for your items. Once you have packaged them, send them to us for processing. When we receive your items, please allow up to 24 hours for processing. After we have reviewed and processed your order, we will issue a payment via PayPal or check, depending on what you have specified.

Last, once you have received your payment, it’s time to get new video games! Enjoy the newest games on the market with the money you earned from recycling your old games! Make a list before you receive your payment so you know exactly which games you would like to purchase!

Note: All games must be in good condition with no major scratches or skips. Games that skip or lag will not be accepted.

Visit and find out how much money you could make for new video games!